i had a dream we were in love
she would kiss my shoulders in the mornings
soft like mountain rain, her fingers down my spine
opalescent drops to save my burning skin
in response, my bones alight on hers
sunlit skeleton mimicking the thin heat of her blood
when she burns, brightly cold
I draw lines of fire across her palms and bring her back to life.

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honey, from vast
blue reflection
pours down the unmarred canvas
of your skin
diamond lattice
laid over
impenetrable depths
small mirrors in
your eyes
the panorma from
every direction
twisted, up

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the smell of salt
the sound of laughter
echoing in the answers
the waves bing back
imperceptible drops
spray across your face
salty lips, bare bones
in the sunlight
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Short Hair Black Dress

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Hello all. Edit as you wish.

Trains in Madrid


Steamless, it is no longer the cumulus-

there is no rain here, just the curved

parallelism of steel. This is direction,

not the weather vanes of gears.


These seats are paved in faux

satin and the woman beside me

slides in sleep. There is nothing

to catch her but my bare shoulders.


Silence is something forgotten while

the green peppered landscape of summer

is stretched out of this forward moving metal.

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Short Hair Black Dress

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Edits (especially Dylan edits) on this piece would be extremely appreciated. Be harsh. Rip it apart. I have far too much ego. And this needs some work still, I think. Feedback is required of those who read this. I'm not kidding. (Okay, fine, I am.)

Longacre Estates

Grapes drop into your hands decieved,
fingers - long, curling vines. So thin, lily
stems weave between middle and ring
unnoticed except crystal petals, those
diamonds in your eyes.

Covered in black, my palms, gloved,
hold little - four sheets, thirty lines, three syllables.
"This could end." What could?
I strive for clarity, only drink red wine.

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One Night Safari

In a pile of decaying laundry
you find my body and let me sleep
until tomorrow afternoon.

We played lion and gazelle until
three in the morning and fell asleep
under the elementry school playground.

This is where I was born to you, in
the back corner of a subway car, a seat
plastered in grafitti.

Tomorrow afternoon and you wake me up
in a pile of decaying laundry. We played
lion and gazelle until three in the morning.

In a seat plastered with grafitti we kissed
and we kissed good bye. Twenty-six hours and a
game of nature later, we will never meet agian.
Ernesto "Che" Geuvara



It is a cage
That keeps me locked up.
No key,
Lost so long ago.
Time is a glacier,
Frozen yet flowing
Bitter yet beautiful.
Contradictions etched in wood
A heart on a tree
A heart made for you and me.
Long ago before the lonely prison
Locked up the emotions
We shared.
Now you're gone
My key gone
Ernesto "Che" Geuvara



Don’t defend a broken down martyr
A cut up dream
A sold out soul
Whose back had been stabbed
By resentful heretics,
His followers, disciples, friends.
Strung up like the angel
He became.
Cherub of